A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a "kinetic novel", i.e. a linear story presented in video game format. You can watch the entire episode as a youtube video if you prefer.

My Guild Leader Is A Demon is a very silly and light-hearted counterweight to my Much More Serious Queer Fiction. Very Definitely Top-Tier Gamer Bethlehem Bay and THAT SJW Friend Sammers somehow end up saddled with Literal Demons From Hell who just want to chill and play video games.

This is the first episode. The second episode is out!

All writing, art and music by me, Melissa Elliott, more properly known as 0xabad1dea (the hex is silent).

If you enjoyed this episode and are financially able, please make a donation to any charity you believe is working to protect people vulnerable to fascist administrations, such as queer people, people of color, disabled people, immigrants and refugees..., Your state/province or city may have charities that are underfunded relative to national charities but more immediately connected to the needs of such people.

I have been very, very sick for almost two years now and this art is all I have to light the world during this dark night.

Install instructions

Designed to run at 1920x1080 and will probably Look Blurry at any other window size.

MACINTOSH USERS: some people report the application immediately closes on launch. I am aware of two workarounds. The first is to run it through the itch.io download manager. The second is to start it through Terminal.app like /path/to/mgliad1.app/Contents/MacOS/mgliad1


mgliad1-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 64 MB
mgliad1-1.0-mac.zip 68 MB
mgliad1-1.0-win.zip 69 MB


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Very fun! I enjoyed the japes and references (Splatalion haha) and definitely look forward to the continuation. (I kind of want a girl who mains Lucina, or whatever she'd be called in this AU, to appear as a character and possible love interest for Beth. At least that's what I'd do; I'm a big Fire Emblem nerd and am ALL about that femslash Lucirobin. But that's just me thinking too much about things.)

There's gonna be the in-universe equivalent of a Smash tournament in a future ep, though no comment on who mains what :) Thank you very much for your comment and remember to check out episode 2 if you haven't yet!

Oh gosh... I completely spaced on checking for it! I actually played this a while ago, but I kept forgetting to leave a comment like I'd been meaning to.

I will definitely check it out, thanks!